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Valentine's Day Drawing

How to Enter

Call (216)-752-1269 between 8:30AM - 3:30PM and ask for Dr. Potts or Deborah

Drawing Rules

  • One ticket is given to every donor who makes a 5 dollar donation to the organization

  • Ticket holder will be eligible for a prize every day the drawing is held, however, once a ticket is drawn it will not be available to be drawn again

  • An individual can possess more than one ticket (i.e. a 15 dollar donation will grant the donor 3 tickets)

  • Ticket holders do not have to be present to win


Monday 2/11

$25 Giant Eagle Card

$30 Movie Pass

Tuesday 2/12

$25 Chipotle Card

$30 Movie Pass

Wednesday 2/13

$35 Chick-Fil-A Card

$30 Movie Pass

Thursday 2/14

Over $100 Valentine’s Day Gift Basket