Transitional Youth Housing

The Life Exchange Center's Transitional Youth Housing Program supports young adults, ages 18-25, through their struggles with mental illness on their journey to self-sufficiency and actualization. Our building is located on Lakeshore Blvd., has three floors with a total of 5, one-bedroom units and a view of beautiful Lake Erie. Facility is not wheelchair accessible. The program is non-clinical, run by Peer Support Specialists who have been through similar adversity and walk beside residents who are motivated to move beyond their current situation.

Throughout the one-year program, our dedicated team helps these young people to find employment, mental and physical health care and long-term housing. Most importantly, we empower them by engaging them in healthy, socially appropriate relationships. Our program's success can be seen in our outcomes from 2017, in which we exceeded the goals set by the ADAMHS board by more than 200% in every category.

To Make a Referral

Complete the Transitional Youth Housing Program Referral form and submit to Linda Torbert, ADAMHS Board Director of Prevention and Children's Behavioral Health Programs, via confidential fax at 216-830-3965.

For additional information and Referral form, please call Maggie Spellman, ADAMHS Board Children's Behavioral Health Specialist at 216-830-3997.


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